Workers Comp Cost Relief is not an insurance agency. We are an independent loss control services organization.

While we are affiliated with Lamb Insurance Services- a company dedicated to risk management solutions for nonprofits and social service organizations- we can provide you with Industrial Code Rule 60 services regardless of who your carrier or insurance agent is.

Improve your workplace safety and reduce your workers compensation insurance costs.

Earning the Industrial Code Rule 60 credit(s) can be difficult without the right guidence. Workers Comp Cost Relief will work with you to efficiently establish all three loss prevention programs as well as to navigate the application process to ensure DOL approval.

Simply put, we have what it takes to help make your organization safer and more cost efficient. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.

It Costs You NOTHING!
The initial consultation is FREE!

We only earn our fee – a percentage of your SAVINGS – when your programs are Department of Labor APPROVED!